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Uzupio in Vilnius, Lithuania

by Andy / FarAndFurther-team

Map of Lithuania with Vilnius

Uzupio, a self-proclaimed, unofficial republic inhabited by artists and dreaming bohemians is certainly Vilnius' strangest district. It was founded in 1997 on the east bank of the Vilnia River and occupies an area of only 0.60 km2 (148 acres).

There is a very relaxed vibe in the republic and the inhabitants are friendly, if somewhat indifferent towards visitors. Make sure to bring your camera as the place offers ample photographic opportunities. Some of the murals are truly awesome.

Everything in Uzupio seems to be a bit tongue-in-cheek. Consider the fact that its independence day falls on April 1st (April Fools' Day) or that the "constitution" states among other vitally important things:

Everyone has the right to be alone and everyone has the right to love
Everyone has the right to have a cat and to love his/her cat
The cat has no responsibilities to its owner

Entering Uzupio

Entering Uzupio from the Old Town (from the west).

Locks on handrail

A local custom: just married couples fasten a lock on this handrail of the
bridge connecting Uzupio and the Old Town.

Locks locked on a handrail

Each lock has an engraving of the couple's names and wedding date.
Wonder what they do with the key?

Uzupio sign

Every republic needs rules. We have no idea what the Mona Lisa stands for?

Run down gate

Run down house

If you are entering Uzupio from the east along small lanes
it might seem like a bit of a rough neighborhood or even
a shanty town.


Art on wall

But soon it starts to look much better.

Statue of an angel

Water wheel

A water wheel in the middle of a stream...

Water wheel in stream

... just for decorative purposes.


This mermaid fits the atmosphere perfectly.

Mural of a woman

There are lots of skillfully painted murals in the "republic".

Detail of a mural

A detail from the left lower corner.

Mural with classic theme.

Mural in classic painting style.

Wall paintings

Lots in details on this wall.

Beautiful mural

Idyllic stream


The Uzupio Cafe (Uzupio Kavine) is a terrific place to have some
refreshments and enjoy the atmosphere.

Sunset view

There is a splendid view of the Old Town at sunset from Tores Restaurant's terrace just a short walk
up the hill.

Statue at Tores Restaurant's terrace

Note the wine glass in this bronze statue's hand, complete with some red wine!

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