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Old City (Gamla Stan) of Stockholm, Sweden

by Andy / FarAndFurther-team

Map of Sweden with Stockholm

The Old City of Stockholm dates back to the 13th century and consists of the relatively small island of Stadsholmen. It has been beautifully preserved and certainly deserves its status as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Old City is compact enough to explore by foot in one day. You can expect to see lots of beautiful old houses, chic boutiques, small curiosity shops and interesting antiques shops. Perhaps the best part of your day would be just sitting in one of the many nice outdoor cafes, watching people pass by and slowly sipping down your cafe latte.

The Old City seen from the sea

The Old City seen from the Baltic Sea

Alley in The Old City

Alley in the Old City

The Sundbergs Konditori Cafe

The "Sundbergs Konditori" Cafe

Cafe in Gamla Stan

Liz is enjoying a sunny afternoon and a nice cup of coffee in the Old City

Statue on the street

There is lots of art in the Old City, in this case a statue on the street

Church tower

Dramatic view of a church tower

Cobble stone street

Nicely preserved cobble stone street

Entrance to an antiques shop

There are antiques shops everywhere in Gamla Stan. This is the entrance to one of them.

Antiques shop

Too many nice must-have items in this shop!

Gorgeous doorway

Gorgeous doorway


Back in the sixties and even seventies the Old City had a reputation of being a somewhat "colorful" neighbourhood. Sometimes you can still see the odd hobo or two in the streets.

Horse and rider statue

Horse and rider statue, probably a war hero of the Sweden's glorious but violent past.

Lord Nelson boutique hotel

Lord Nelson boutique hotel - doesn't really suit a backpacker's budget, we're afraid...

Pedestrian tunnel

Pedestrian tunnel

Toy wooden horses

Swedish toy wooden horses aka dalahästar on sale in this gift shop

Replica Viking helmets

Or perhaps you'd prefer a replica Viking helmet?

Rooftops of the Old City

Rooftops of the Old City

Street art

A nice touch!

Street musician

Street musician

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