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Images of rural South China

by Andy / FarAndFurther-team

I have taken these photos on our November 2007 trip to the town of Yangshou in the Guangxi province in South China. We explored the surrounding countryside on bicycles with the help of a local guide. Hiring a guide for the countryside is advisable as no good maps are readily available and the cost of a guide certainly won't break any traveler's bank.

Farmers taking a break from work

These farmers are taking a lunch break from hard work in the
rice fields. Note the water buffalos crazing close to them.

Karst hills

The rice fields are surrounded by dramatic karst hills.

Liz with our guide

Liz with our friendly guide.

School kids

Happy school boys hurrying back home.

Rural shop

A village shop.

Old lady

An old lady in the "Dragon Village".

Farmer with a water buffalo

Sun is setting and it is time to return home.

Sunset in South China

Idyllic sunset.

Buddhist pagoda on a hilltop

It is quite a climb to this hill-top pagoda.

View of the Li river

Li River

Fisherman on the Li river

Fisherman on the Li River.


Cormorants are used for fishing.


Yangshou seen from the Li River.

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