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Fiskars ironworks

by Andy / FarAndFurther-team

Map of Finland with Fiskars

The history of Fiskars Ironworks begun in 1649 when a Dutch businessman Peter Thorwoste was granted by Queen Christina of Sweden (Finland was a part of Sweden at that time) a privilege to manufacture cast iron and forged products, with the exception of cannons. Later the same year he got permission to set up a blast furnace and bar hammer as well.

Today Fiskars is a must-see place for those interested in industrial history, and a nice place for anybody to stroll around soaking in its idyllic atmosphere. The sights are clearly marked with signs in English as well as Finnish and there are several homely cafes and restaurants and even an upscale hotel. You can also visit artisans' workshops and buy their products.

Fiskars is situated about hundred kilometres west of Helsinki. If you don’t have your own transportation, you can reach the town of Karjaa by express train or bus and then take a taxi or a bus to Fiskars (approx. 15 km / 10 miles).

Manor house

Stenhuset (stone house) or the Manor House was the living quarters of the
owner of the ironworks as well as the administrative centre.

Clock Tower

The red-brick Clock Tower Building.

Former farm buildings

Large wooden threshing house.

Small train engine

Small train engine used in the ironworks.

Blacksmith in his shop

Blacksmith in his shop.

Elk horns

Elk horns and a Viking boat shaped coat rack.

Ceramics owen

This ceramics furnace operates at 1300 degrees Celsius (2400 Fahrenheit).

Old machinery

Old machinery used for decorative purposes.

Mill from 1898

Mill from 1898.

Idyllic pond

Wooden walking bridge

Wooden walking bridge.

Former granary

Former granary used for artists' and artisans' exhibitions...

Artisans' products

... like this one.

A living community

There is no admission fee to the Fiskars ironworks / village as it is neither a museum nor a "theme park". Instead it is very much a thriving and living community with a strong feel of communality. Its residents are artists, artisans and also ordinary people who have chosen a different lifestyle.

Idyllic alley

Feels like being transported way back in time.

Inner court

Inner court with apple trees and bushes full of berries. Heavenly!

Renovating a house

It is possible to buy a house but renovation has to be done to exact specifications
as the village is a protected historic area. The workers' families were each given a
room of about 20 square meters (215 square feet) to live in. If you were
a foreman you got two rooms.


These old cellars are still in everyday use.

Rowing boat

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