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The Old Town of Tallinn

by Andy / FarAndFurther-team

Map of Estonia with Tallinn

Tallinn on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland is the capital of Estonia, the northernmost and smallest of the Baltic States. Its main attraction for most travelers is without a doubt its well-preserved medieval Old Town.

The Old Town is a charming combination of narrow cobblestone lanes, beautiful historical buildings, traditional Estonian restaurants and small artisans' shops. It's not tacky or overly chic, neither does it get overly crowded even in the busiest months of June to August. Compact enough to explore superficially in a day on foot, it is a real treat to enjoy its easy-going and friendly atmosphere, hearty food and good beer even for a week.

Main gate to Old Town

Viru Hotel in the New City seen through Old Town's main gate. Opened in 1972, Viru Hotel was Tallinn's first skyscraper and the most prestigious hotel during Soviet Russian occupation.

Old Town wall

Much of the Old Town wall has survived and been beautifully restored.

Narrow lane

Typical narrow lane in the Old Town.

Terrace in Old Town Square

Terrace on Town Hall Square. It is somehow unreal to think markets begun here as early as the 11th century. This is definitely the place to see and be seen!

Youth dancing

Circle dancing youth dressed in national costumes on Raekoja plats (Town Hall Square).

Girls in funny costumes

Girls in funny costumes. Wonder what this is all about? Hen party sans the alcohol?

Russian Orthodox Church

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, a fine example of Russian
Orthodox Churches is on the Toompea Hill.

Cobblestone lane

However, if you stroll along some quaint cobblestone lanes...

View from a hill

... you are awarded with some great views over the city.

Skyscraper skyline of modern Tallinn

Skyscraper skyline of modern Tallinn.

Impressive wall

Walking down you might come across this dramatic wall...

Alien graffiti

...complete with Alien graffiti.

Druggist's house

Beautifully detailed Druggist's House.

Black panther statue

This black panther statue is just one of the ornaments decorating
the The Druggist's House.

Italian embassy

Stylish Italian embassy.

Church tower and clock

Church tower and clock.

Medieval armor

A reproduction of medieval armor.

Medieval shoppe

Liz of the FarAndFurther-team being lured into a "Medieval shoppe".

Olde Hansa cart

Olde Hansa Restaurant's advertising cart. Tallinn's merchants sure know
how to utilize the medieval aspect.

Soviet Russian memorabilia

Soviet Russian memorabilia is sold on the streets and in antique shops. Judging from the huge number of decorations still unsold two decades after the collapse of Soviet Union every citizen and their dog must have received a hand/pawnful of these.

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