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Decline of Cuba

by Andy / FarAndFurther-team

Due to internal and external influences the economy of Cuba is in constant crisis. Wages are incredibly low, for example a doctor makes $25 a month (2006). Therefore it is not surprising that much of Cuban housing and infrastructure is in various stages of decay.

I'm certainly not romantic about poverty. However I feel there is a certain beauty about the following images. Just a note: As this series is called "Decline of Cuba" I am not posting photos of beautifully restored old public buildings and private houses of which there are surprisingly many.

Havana rooftops

A view from our hotel in downtown Havana.

Old house on Plaza Vieja

The most central plaza of Old Havana, Plaza Viejo has some
beautifully restored buildings but also this crumbling house.

Balcony on Plaza Vieja


Crumbling stadium in Havana

Grand stadium in disrepair (Havana).

Empty swimming pool in Playas Este

This hotel swimming pool must have been empty for ages.

Hotel Mayor in Pinar del Rio

The ruins of Hotel Mayor in Pinar del Rio Province. We had a look
around and tried to imagine what it must have been like in the past.

Ruins of a churc in Pinar del Rio

Ruins of a church tower (Pinar del Rio).

House with no roof in Gibara

Nice house. Too bad there's no roof (Gibara).

Crumbling houses in Gibara

Unbelievable but people still live in these houses (Gibara).

Cafeteria El Amanecer in Pinar del Rio

Cafeteria El Amanecer (Cafeteria Sunrise) in Pinar del Rio.

Viva la revolucion, Vinales

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