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Means of transportation in Cuba

by Andy / FarAndFurther-team

Here are some photos of different kinds of transport in Cuba. It is not just fabulous old American and European cars, although those are to be seen everywhere you go.

Cuban train

Old train with open air carriage (Trinidad)

Horse and cart

Horse and cart (Holguin)

Oxen and cart

Oxen and cart (Pinar del Rio Province)

Horseback riding

Horseback riding is still an everyday form of transport
in Cuba (Pinar del Rio Province)

Green truck

Why don't they build cars like this one anymore? (Holguin)

Astro bus

The Astro and Viazul buses are a comfortable and
affordable way of exploring Cuba.

Broken Fiat

Let's get this old Fiat started!
(Pinar del Rio Province)

Nice set of wheels

Cubans enjoy their old American and European cars tremendously.
This guy has a nice set of wheels! (Trinidad)

Fire engine in Holguin

Fire engine and driver (Holguin)

Extended Lada

There are lots of extended Soviet Lada taxis in Cuba (Holguin)

Yellow cab

In our opinion this is a much nicer "yellow cab" than
the one in the previous picture... (Holguin)

Yellow cab Cuban style

I guess this could also be called "yellow cab" (Havana)

Luxorious open top cab

Lucky tourists, in this case the FarAndFurther-team,
can enjoy the maximum in style & comfort (Havana)

Getting married

We certainly hope this oldie is the couple's
transport to happiness (Holguin)

Super Ford

This "Super Ford" is actually a bus (Pinar del Rio Province)

Super Ford pic 2

Truck for human transport

Truck used for human transport (Gibara)

Trike carrying a pig

A trike used to transport pigs to the market place (Camaguey)

Converted old tractor

This old tractor has been converted into a grinding machine for
grain. A typical example of creative Cuban engineering
(Pinar del Rio Province)

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